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Re: Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:38:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

At 10:48 AM -0400 7/19/01, Glenn M Wilson wrote:
>Oh, fer sure!	And I am not a big fan of this, BTW, just exploring
>things.  With my Mixed weapons turrets for the campaign armies I use, I
>plan to require the player to use (one or) both weapons on the same
>target.  That HEL/1 mounted Coax with that DFFG/5 might just get lucky
>the Main Gun blows it.  I assume the software 'checks fire' with the
>but allows the HEL to fire when it decides the DFFG is out of range but
>the Gunner wants to shoot the HEL/1 at that pesky FO vehicle he just
>spotted on the hill...
>But the issue of the 'either or' use of main gun /or/ APSW still

>Page 28 "Direct Fire" has each element of a firing unit choosing one
>target (and FWIW, I assume that means the dismounted Infantry *or*
>supporting APC's/IFV's) [Only SLAM's can target - indirectly at
>medium/long range - surrounding units] but not both.)	Pg 35
>states firing an APSW at infantry from a vehicle eliminates the use of
>it's main gun.  In light of DFFG/HEL/RFAC/MDC/HVC/SLAM (at close range
>only) CAN target infantry separately  [page 36] there is an interesting
>anomaly - HEL's get 36" at 2 dice,  RFAC/MDC/HVC at medium range

I'll have to check this out. I'm not aware of this. What do you mean 
by dice? Two shots?

>from 8" for DFFG/1 to 48" for MDC/5) for 2 dice,  DFFG with three dice
>Medium Range (Varies from 8" to 24"), SLAM's target at 12" (3 to 5
>and APSW 12" with 3 dice.  So, a Tank with an MDC/5 can fire at 12.1"
>48" with it's main gun and get two dice but when the target gets within
>12" the main gun is locked out (Geneva Conventions 2?) and only the
>works?  That doesn't fit with current real world practice - Back to

I'm not aware of this not MDCs at under 12" vs infantry.

>  >Not really. I have a size 5 Super heavy tank design that runs an
>>MDC/5 and a DFFG/5 on a turreted size 5 chassis. One weapon is used
>>at long range. The other is when a target gets to knife fighting
>>range. Its a Battle Tech Demolisher tank with one barrel extended. I
>>have a pair. There are also 4 size 6 tanks that run a Turret, two
>>HEL/5's a bunch of extra stuff and space for a squad of Power Armour.
>>Sort of a super heavy dreadnought Merkava. Uber Armoured infantry.
>>They also have APSW's out the waazoo.
>  >
>Well, I have yet to find anything locally and I am waiting (less and
>less) patiently since mid-April for my first Geo-Hex order to arrive.
>Between the shop owner and what he says is the distributor's practice I
>have finally found a situation where I will no longer use the local
>for this function.  I am doing my buying of things the local shop owner

>Who makes those figures?  The one was Battle Tech and the other was?

I've been collecting my 1/300-285 stuff for a while now (10 years 
now) I've got a good amount of anything from Size 2 4x4 wheeled 
armoured cars (GHQ Foxes btw) to size 6 super heavy dreadnought tanks 
(a Battle Tech tank of some sort)
>Anybody make smaller (Size 2 through 4 style) with multiple or even
>weapon turrets?  If it's dual weaponry I can always modify one
>I suppose I could get	off my... chair and modify turrets myself.

The best, multiple weapon system type tanks would be renegade legion 
Centurion figures. They typically have smaller weapons slaved to 
larger weapons like you seem to like. I've got Armoured Cavalry 
(GRAV) Squadron that I use of either OU or NAC Cav units. They have 
organic artillery, Med Scout tanks, Hvy Scouts tanks, Med scout 
MICVs, Hvy MICVs, a field recovery 'coil' (tanks are 'Tracks', GEVs 
are 'Blowers', GRAVS are 'Coils'), several Area Defense elements and 
a C4I coil. All from one RL Box of plastic figs. Some were 
conversions to make them (for example the C4I unit lost the turret 
and gained a small cupola and a number of antenna, the Hvy MICVs lost 
one barrel to reflect the design a bit better.

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