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Multiple Mixed Gun Systems in a Turret combinations... and Why?

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:39:48 EDT
Subject: Multiple Mixed Gun Systems in a Turret combinations... and Why?

Okay, time to get out the soapbox...

The question about multiple targets for AFv's made me rethink a couple
my nations/races for my campaign that use mixed weapons in their
 It fits what I wanted to have conceptually for those armies but it is
only right to ask what advantage (or cultural Bias) would come from such
a set up.

Basically there are several 'Turreted Main Gun' schools of AFV design
(leaving aside the issues of non-turreted weapons, multiple turrets,
GMS's, PDS, LAD, APSW, etc.) -

1) The "Big Gun" School - cram the biggest weapon you can fit on the
AFV (Preferably NOT using the recommended rules of not bigger then one
size over frame size):

Size 1 - only a size 1 (2 cap left over and not available for PDS, APSW,
LAD, etc.)
Size 2 - a Size 3 (1 cap left over - bring on the APSW or AFPC)
Size 3 - With the rule: A Size 4 (3 cap left over, two weapons possible)
	       Without : A size 5 (zero leftover capacity)
Size 4 - A class 5 (5 cap pints and three weapons/systems possible
subject to cap)
Size 5 - A Class 5 (10 Cap points/4 weapons/systems possible)

2) The "Multiple/Double Guns" School - fit two weapons of like system on
the frame [there is a variant - two weapons of same size but different
systems - like HEL/5 and DFFG/5]:

Size 1 - No Go except for Size 1 and an APSW in the same turret
Size 2 - 2 x Size 2 (no leftover cap)
Size 3 - 2 x Size 3 (no leftover cap)
Size 4 - 2 x Size 4 (no leftover cap)
Size 5 - 2 x Size 5 (no leftover cap)

This school holds an AFV "Kills AFV's" and attaches specialty support
vehicles as needed for specialized missions.

3) The Mixed weapons of different size

Size 1 - No Go

Size 2
One Size 2 and one Size 1 (2 caps left over - unusable?)
An example this can be	(depending on power plant system limits)
HEL/2 and RFAC/1
HEL/2 and MDC/1
HEL/2 and DFFG/1
RFAC/2 and HEL/1
RFAC/2 and MDC/1
RFAC/2 and DFFG/1
MDC/2 and HEL/1
MDC/2 and RFAC/1
MDC/2 and DFFG/1

Since this gets really involved when you get to a primary of size 3 I am
going to use the following convention:
# "x" (for main gun) and # "y" (for coax gun)

Size 2:

#2 and #1 (2 cap leftover and unused?)

Size 3

#3 and #2 (2 cap left over - 1 weapon available)
#3 and #1 (4 cap)

Size 4 

#4 and #3 (2 cap leftover - 2 weapons available)
#4 and #2 (4 cap leftover)
#4 and #1 (6 cap leftover)

Size 5 

#5 and #4 (2 cap leftover - 3 weapons systems available, in theory, but
not in this case in practice.)
#5 and #3 (4 cap left over)
#5 and #2 (6 Cap leftover)
#5 and #1 (8 cap leftover)

Now, the "Why" you would design such a system...

Actually this is a lead in (I have to go get the kids ready and leave
work soon (and the clouds are really getting dark - Thunderstorm
to a follow-up posting but I'll give one example:

The South Asian  Imperium (India swallows SE Asia in my campaign)
Prefers DFFG, Enhanced FCS, CFE and (small) GEV and Tracked.

A size 4 Assault Support Tank


Main DFFG/5 (power to penetrate)

Coax HEL/2 (range for those nasty GMS/H armed light TD's and spotter
vehicles plus 36" (2 chits) against those pesky GMS/L teams

4 cap leftover:  usually for a LAD and a Enhanced PDs or in variant
forms; a second APSW and a Superior PDS *or* rarely a GMS/H. 
Theoretically an 'Assault' Fire Team could be designed in, and is in the
complementary Size 4 Assault ("Linebreaker") Tank.

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