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DS2 fire control modification

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 02:40:22 -0400
Subject: DS2 fire control modification

Reading the suggestion for more capable high 
tech firecon makes me want to build a fleet 
small, low-tech AFVs with multiple guns and a 
high tech fire control. Then they'll chew through 
a lot of these high tech high cost big AFVs for 

The problem is high tech increases the lethality 
of the unit, but doesn't particularly increase the 
survivability. ECM increases help, I admit, versus 
GMS. Stealth helps versus guns. But stealth 
costs through the nose! 

For the same amount of bucks as you can build 
a high stealth large tank, you can build a lot of 
small GMS/H armed jeeps which are just as 
hard to hit, don't lose all of their firepower if 
one goes boom, and can put out far more fire. 

In the real world, hi-tech generally means you 
can attack the enemy when 
1) he has no idea what is going on
2) his ability to respond is limited (suppressed 
comms, attack from further range, armour he 
can't penetrate from the front, etc)

But in DS2, unless you actually restrict it in 
game setup, anyone can mount a long range 
weapon, anyone can buy high value armour, 
and confusion and whatnot caused by messed 
up comms and tacint systems aren't 
represented. So a lot of what constitutes 'high 
tech advantage' in the real world is somewhat 
mitigated. And the BOOM chip is the great 

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