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Re: DS2 AAR and questions

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:52:20 -0400
Subject: Re: DS2 AAR and questions

At 10:19 AM -0400 7/16/01, Glenn M Wilson wrote:
>What do most people defines as "High Tech" and "Low Tech"?

I sometimes look at it not just as Low/High Tech indicators. 
Sometimes its a logistics issue. Naturally if Grav has a high cost of 
transport for components (where are the field generating coils made? 
Can they be serviced in the field or do they require a clean room to 
work on? Are they terribly maintenance intense during service 
intervals? Are they high cost for repairs? If much of this holds 
true, it seems basing much of your transport off of wheels would be a 
logistics issue by far.

Replacing a wheel bearing in the field on a planet 30 days high speed 
FTL travel from the nearest depot level service area could be trivial 
to rebuilding a field generator coil for a GRAV vehicle. I suspect 
that is a driving factor in the NAC's primary use of High Mibility 
Wheeled vehicles in their forces. The fact that wheeled can self 
deploy and aren't as service intense as tracked also indicates their 
preference. Look at South Africa's propensity for Wheeled on the G-6, 
the Buffel, the Ratel and other units.

Likewise some other weapon systems could fall under this kind of 
constraint. Even though the society is high tech, it may use slightly 
lower technology hardware.

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