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RE: DS2 vehicles in SG2

From: "Brian Bell" <bbell1@i...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 17:34:08 -0400
Subject: RE: DS2 vehicles in SG2

I don't have the Hunter (, but I do
have the Paladin ( which is a little
flater in profile.

I would class it as a size 1 vehicle, High Mobility Wheeled, Armor 1,
with a Size 2 MDC, HEL, or DFFG. It may also have ECM.

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Subject: DS2 vehicles in SG2

   I have some of the MMRAV Hunters in 6mm, slowly getting painted,
and I put them down temporarily next to the 15mm KV.

   The Hunter is 2cm high (including gun mount--1.3 to the top of the
hull) and 3cm long -- which would make the real thing approximate 5ft
high hull + 3ft for the gun, 12 feet long (approximately--depends on
what you feel "15mm" is--if there's any agreement on this, someone
please tell me).  The hull isn't really big enough for an operator,
but we've already discussed AI vehicles..  (if you need a picture,
either GeoHex or the GZG catalogue probably has one--maybe Eureka too,
haven't checked)

  But I have no experience at putting together vehicles under DS or

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