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Re: Captor Mines

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 21:50:22 +0100
Subject: Re: Captor Mines

I was thinking along the same lines, but using a SML salvo as the mines.
we say the SML missiles are small missiles that get their range from a
drive, with a small drive and warhead used at the end to give them their
attack radius. All we would need would be the final drive and the
so we could have a mine as a cut down SML, deployed from a minelayer
mass as a SML launcher?, or slightly less, say mass=2?), with the mines
ammo, just like SML`s, but lighter (say, mass=1 per 6 mines/1 mine
If we say, instead of using a quality of the mine, we just use the 1D6
on target, and any mines within 6MU of the ship at the end of it`s
attack said ship. To give the ship some chance, we can have all the
attack as just one salvo, to aviod the waste of PDS against light
The only problem with this, is a single ship will clear a 6MU radius
of mines, meaning a small ship can be sacrificed to clear mines. As a
secondary rule, when each mine is layed, it is given a number, and the
number is the order it will attack. Mines with a 1, will attack any ship
within range first, and mines with a 2 will attack after the first
the second turn (if the ship survives). If the ship is destroyed with
first salvo of mines, the second salvo (and later ones) will wait for
another target to come within range. A ship equipted with a mine
system can attempt to intercept the mines before they launch, and PDS or
fighters can be used to minesweap before the following wave attack, but
after dealing with the first wave (if they survive). Fighters attempting
clear the mines roll the same as if intercepting normal SML missles
with the same chance of being caught in the explosion.

Or, if you don`t like the idea mine waves, we can have instead that
different size ships have mines attacking at different radie, IE- upto
mass=3MU, 51 to 100 mass=4MU etc.

Just some of the ideas off the top of my head.


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Subject: Re: Captor Mines

I like the idea of using missiles as torpedo warheads.
Give the mine a rating to use for both detection and
avoidance - to reflect both its own stealthiness and
ability to avoid detection and its ability to detect a
target which is of course reflected in its cost (or TL
if you want to go down that road).

Something Like:
			  Mine Quality
Ships Signature      Low    Normal   High
Low		      N/A      6     5, 6
Normal		     5, 6     4-6      3-6
High		      4-6     3-6      2-6
Sensors Active	      ---- Automatic ----

If the mine picks up the ship it fires a salvo of
missiles which are resolved normally.

Mine Sweeping
The better quality a mine is the less likely it is to
be found, and if you can't find them your best bet is
a ship with very heavy point defences (ie. A Russian
or Iranian style sweep) - or a Nova Cannon!


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