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[DS} a few of questions

From: "Noel Weer" <noel.weer@v...>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 10:35:49 -0500
Subject: [DS} a few of questions

1) What happens to an VTOL or aerospace that is hit and the chits draw
This came up twice in our recent battle- we collectively decided that
VTOL puts down right where it is and can no longer move - a controlled
crash. There was a least one of us that voted for it to be equivalent to
boom. This seemed a bit harsh, because the controlled landing allowed
their crew main remain in and fired from the downed position... I can
that an aerospace would crash if immoblized, though.

2) An ADS element is parked in the edge of some woods. An enemy missile
streaks by on the other side of the woods. Can the ADS track and
the missile despite the intervening trees? Or does it need of LOS to the
missile? This almost came up (the missile was at 13-14 inches so out of
range) but sparked quite the debate nonetheless - we were fairly split
between "highly advanced tracking tech" and "the trees are in the way".

3) Let us suppose that a unit has routed. On its activation it must
from the map. It happens to be positioned such that it could move off
map in
one movement and elects to do so. But, it is viewed by an enemy unit in
movement and opportunity fire is declared. First, should the unit just
surrender since it could be burned down even though it could escape in
movement? I know that is more a question of the commander's decision but
what makes sense (just searching for opinions). Second, how sporting is
to actually use opportunity fire on a routing unit leaving the map? I
in reality it can make sense, no matter how brutal, but for friendly
it seems harsh. Again, just polling for opinions. FWIW, I took the

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