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Re: [DS] Infantry and Weapon Limits

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 10:34:35 EDT
Subject: Re: [DS] Infantry and Weapon Limits

Actually, that is a common assumption and (BTW thank you, I was about to
type out all the DS2 references to weapons and Infantry - you saved us
*all* from that - in hopes of finding out what I might have missed) and
would be a viable house rule if it fit someone's campaign setting.  Of
course the effect of all fire from the infantry riding in an IFV is
basically good only for (in DS2) an 'under fire' marker, IIRC.	

Strictly IMO, it should be funny some time when a player insists on
trying to fire infantry in an 'evading' (Is that the term?  Senior
moment) GEV/Grav IFV on making him roll dice to see if he suffers a
'fumble' (hit other IFV, shooters become casualties from being slammed
around interior of vehicle...) even if the GM really doesn't make it
possible (hand an average dice and tell him "On a six your men are
casualties, on a one you put an under fire marker on your unit, anything
else is 'no effect'."

And yes, DS2 isn't supposed to either 'reflect reality' or 'predict the
future' but it's always nice when you can fit some real vehicle like the
ACAV into a DS2 design.  

There is one small paragraph that could be taken as an in direct
reference to transported infantry as weapons but that came from my first
read of the rules and hasn't been supported by when I have re-read them.

I am trying to fit the idiosyncracies of Starguard into DS2 and Starwars
2250 AD into FT/FB1 - and finding the granularity of DS2 makes lot of
Starguard quirks drop out due to scale.  Some of the AFV's in Starguard
just don't transition easily into DS2.	

Some military types I occasionally bump into at work refer to infantry
units as 'weapon systems' [but not in front of an Infantry officer!]

Hey, how about allowing infantry effective fire from an open top APC/IFV
as a reason to build open top vehicles?

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On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 05:34:55 -0700 (PDT) Jakim Friant
>I looked over the rules this morning and found that
>the reference to infantry firing from their transport
>also includes a design example of a Size 3 APC with 2
>Inf Teams and *2* weapons: a Class 1 something and a
>GMS.  I guess I was assuming that since the infantry
>can fire then they're equivalent to a weapon (without
>it actually being in the rules)
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