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From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 09:56:03 +0100
Subject: Re: Movies

>"Robert W. Hofrichter" wrote:
>> I can't think of a really good space combat flick, though (I mean FT
>> related, not FMAS or SG).
>The only good space combat flick that comes to mind is Star Trek II:
The Wrath
>of Khan.

Watch Wing Commander just for the hell of it, but lay in some clean
underwear stocks first 'cos you'll be laughing so much....
There is also a minor TV-movie that regularly does the rounds on the UK
SciFi Channel (and probably on the US one as well) called Star Command;
IIRC it was a pilot for a never-to-be series. Pretty crap in most ways,
it actually has a few "believable" space travel/combat in it - such as
ships having to come out of Hyper well out from the planets and taking
WEEKS to get to them in normal-space drive. Oh, and it has Eva Habermann
(original Zev from Lexx) in a bath scene.... <GRIN>

On the subject of Lexx, it's all out on Video and DVD (at least over
- VERY odd, you'll either love it or hate it....

I can't believe that no-one has mentioned the most stunning SF movie in
recent years (IMHO, YMMV!) - Dark City. I won't say anything about this,
because it'll spoil it - just get it out and watch it!!

Oh, and another silly but fun one that actually gets SOME of it's
right - Space Truckers; Dennis Hopper playing a good-guy role for once,
Charles Dance as the baddie and the lovely Debbie Mazar not wearing
much....  and spacecraft that actually use retroes to slow down!!

Oh, and for cheesy old B&W war films, one of my all-time personal
favourites has to be Ice Cold in Alex.
Sir John Mills et al being jolly heroic trying to get away from the
in an old Austin K2 ambulance  in the Western Desert. No big battles,
it's a GREAT film.

Have fun...

Jon (GZG)

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