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Re: Movies

From: KH.Ranitzsch@t... (K.H.Ranitzsch)
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 07:49:20 +0200
Subject: Re: Movies

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Subject: Movies

>    Okay, time to spice up the list a bit.  My 12 year old (whose movie
> viewing I edit) is in Canada for 5 weeks and my wife (who turns pale
> at the sight of cinematic special effects, aka "blood") will be gone
> for two weeks.  So during that time I'll be able to watch movies that
> I've always wanted to watch but have too much violence and/or bare
> skin.  These movies are of course..what?  I'm looking for a) movies
> that it's reasonably likely my local video shop may have; and b) films
> which are either good SF and/or useful background for wargamers.
> For example:	Saving Pvt Ryan; Aliens; Predator.
> Suggestions?

'Barb Wire' violence AND (almost) bare skin, fun to watch, and actually
so bad.

'Mad Max' and sequels.

'Das Boot' is indeed, impressive

'Battle of Britain', OK film, nice air fights

'Galaxyquest' Not that much blood, but a real hoot.


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