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From: Richard and Emily Bell <rlbell@s...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:25:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Movies

Bob DeAngelis wrote:

> <delurk!!>
> Bob Hofrichter
>	 said
> > Outland (with Sean Connery as a US Marshal in space)
> well said that man!!!!
>	   Superb film.. "high noon" in space. Probably the most
undersold and
> under rated film Connery ever made.. Very believable sci fi!!!

Except for the way people DO NOT explode in a vacuum, it is not bad. 
really happens is that you get all puffy and eventually expire from lack
Apparently, trained monkeys can survive up to a minute of hard vacuum
with no
ill effects (after saturating the body by breathing pure oxygen.  The
human body
is mostly made of incompressible water, and after getting all bloaty
the skin exerts enough pressure to keep the blood from boiling.

This is why that scene in 2001 is so awesome when when Dave transits
from the
pod to the emergency airlock without his helmet.  The sound effects for

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