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[OT] SDF Macross on DVD

From: Aaron Teske <mithramuse@n...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:23:01 -0400
Subject: [OT] SDF Macross on DVD

Okay, this is a bit OT, but since Japanese starships (and Robotech* in 
particular) have come up on the list of late, I figure I'm not too far 
outta line here. ^_^

Animeigo is working on releasing a subtitled version of SDF Macross as a

DVD box set.  They are "literally going over each episode scene by
correcting errors, erasing film defects (scratches and dust), and quite 
frankly making it look better than the original negatives!" (per the 
website, below).  Anyone (in the US or Canada, at least -- my apologies
non-North American list members, they don't have a license for anywhere 
else! ^_^;; ) who is willing to buy the set should go to the site below
register for a pre-order, 'cause it'll let you save a *bundle* off the

And thus endeth the [OT] announcement... though, I suppose I should note

that I have no connections to Animeigo, other that believing they're one
the finest US suppliers of anime (apart from the fact that they don't 
release enough -- of course, if they released more, quality might


*: For those not in the know, Robotech is actually made up of 3 totally 
different series that were strung together by omissions, some changes in

sequence, and (well, duh, it's dubbing ^_- ) altered dialogue.	This is
*original* SDF Macross, in full, no cuts or anything like that. 
may do the other two series (Southern Cross and Mospaeda) in a similar 

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