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From: "Robert W. Hofrichter" <RobHofrich@p...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:00:14 -0400
Subject: Re: Movies

Well, since you ask about movies...

Cross of Iron (WW2, Crimea)  Good scenario ideas for SG (just to keep
on topic).

Sink the Bismarck!

Stalingrad (I think that's the name of that German movie from a few

Any of the Sharpe's videos (though these are not that easy to find as

Aliens (yes, obvious)

Outland (with Sean Connery as a US Marshal in space)


Zulu Dawn

Shout at the Devil (a little hoky, but I enjoyed it)

55 Days in Peking (are you finding a pattern here?)

I can't think of a really good space combat flick, though (I mean FT
related, not FMAS or SG).


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>    Okay, time to spice up the list a bit.  My 12 year old (whose movie
> viewing I edit) is in Canada for 5 weeks and my wife (who turns pale
> at the sight of cinematic special effects, aka "blood") will be gone
> for two weeks.  So during that time I'll be able to watch movies that
> I've always wanted to watch but have too much violence and/or bare
> skin.  These movies are of course..what?  I'm looking for a) movies
> that it's reasonably likely my local video shop may have; and b) films
> which are either good SF and/or useful background for wargamers.
> For example:	Saving Pvt Ryan; Aliens; Predator.
> Suggestions?

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