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Re: (SG) Has anyone rated up these forces........

From: Daryl Lonnon <dlonnon@f...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 11:05:11 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: (SG) Has anyone rated up these forces........

> In a message dated 7/12/01 1:16:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> owner-gzg-digest@lists.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU writes:
> > Hi John, when my group first started playing
> > Stargrunt, we all used Warzone figures. We had
> > Brotherhood, Bauhaus and Capitol represented.
> > 
> > We never went out of our way to do straight up
> > conversions, and instead went with a WYSIWYG approach.
> > 
> > For example, the Brotherhood Trooper has a rifle with
> > underbarrel grenade launcher for an FP3 weapon. We
> > left it to players discretion to go with gauss or AAR
> > weapons.
> > 
> > It worked well for us.
> > 
> > Kevin
>    Thanks Kevin. Really what I am looking for how the BIG FUGLIES and
> (along with most of the Dark Legion troops) are rated up by folks. I
can give 
> it a shot but no point in doing so if someone else has beaten me to
> punch! ;D
>    John Leahy

This will be the third time I've posted this list of "alien traits".

Since I have a bunch of the undead legionairres (and Necromutants), I
purposefully tried to include traits that I thought appropriate when
I made up this list.

You might find it useful for ideas.  Feel free to add to it and
make comments on it.

Necromutants I'd make Fearless, and Edgy.
Nepharites would probably by Fearless, Edgy, Telekinetic, and a whole
bunch of other things.


Notes: It hits me that it might be nice to have a list of traits that
could be combined to create stargrunt aliens.  Most of these should
be psychological in nature (in theory).

Psycorp Forces (from Babylon 5):  Telepathy (LOS), Terror (ie Mind
attacks), Natural Sensors (d6)

Space Orcs: Close Combat Tendency, Edgy (Aggressive), Insensitive,
Leadership by Prowess, Uncaring

Space Goblins: Uncaring, Leadership by Prowess

Kzin: CC Lethality (lvl 1), Speed +1, Edgy (Aggressive),
Individualistic, Natural Sensors d6

Space Undead (Undead legionairres from MC): Automatons, Fearless,

Spend an entire turn (one action to disappear, one action to appear)
to move anywhere on the board.	MAY be used to close assault.

Teleportation (LOS)
Spend an entire turn to move anywhere in LOS.  May be used to close

Thrown objects, getting picked up and slammed into the ground
Grant a firepower (0.5-3 depending on strength), impact d6

Flight/Jump Packs
12" Movement
Easy: All terrain but forest/woods/jungles.
Difficult: forest/woods/jungles

Terrain Specialty
Move a terrain type for movement purposes into another category (ex.
Fish Folk might find Open Water Poor terrain instead of Impassible).

Automatic transfer of command points.

Telepathy (los)
Automatic transfer of command points in los.

Causes terror to opponent.  Close Combat only.

Natural Close Combat Lethality
 lvl 1 - +1 die shift in CC
 lvl 2 - +2 die shift in CC

 lvl 1 - +2" in movemenT
 lvl 2 - +4" in movement

Close Combat Tendency
  Need not take reaction test for Close Assaults, may not break off
  close assaults, forced followups on close assaults (if enemy within
  1 action theoretical assault range).	Suppression may be removed by
  declaring a charge.

Natural Sensors
   Grants a greater than d4 for spotting rolls for unaided checks.
   Note: Maybe telepathic in nature.

Edgy (Aggressive)
  These are troops that have a stronger fight instinct than flight

  As morale drops, more likely to charge/attack (until they rout).
  CO - everything is peachy-keen
  ST - Discipline is frayed, troops are muttering about not being
       aggressive enough (ie We must leap-and-tear!)
  SH - Discipline is breaking down, Roll reaction test to move away
       from nearest enemy in LOS or nearest hidden enemy marker.
  BR - Discipline is frayed, Roll reaction test to do anything else but
       fire on nearest enemy (unless the action you wish to perform is a
       assault).  Troops begin taking unnecessary risks, subtract 1
       from all wound decisions from ranged fire.
  RO - Roll when routed, 1-5 Flight instinct kicks in and unit behaves
       as Timid when routing.  6-10 Beserk kicks in, unit tries to close
       assault nearest enemy unit in LOS.  No reaction test required.
       If no enemy in LOS must go looking for enemy.
       A beserk unit is treated as Fearless (see below).
       Should a fleeing unit find itself about to be
       captured roll again (yes you can turn on those troops that are
       about to grab you).

  Edgy troops always test at Level + 0 for Close Assaults.

   Note: You must rethink mission motivation when using Edgy troops.
   A High motivating mission would be one where dicipline is extremely
   important (ie holding back from a fight and waiting for your
   opponent to come to you (defensive missions/ambushes)).
   Low motivation mission would be those that you wish to attack or
   the commanders have a large amount of freedom (assaults on
   strongpoints, and patrols).

  As morale drops, not much happens (until they rout)
  CO - fine
  ST - fine
  SH - as ST for timids
  BR - as SH
  RO - as BR

  Same as human morale

  As morale drops, things fall apart faster.  Treat all confidence
  levels as one worse (ie CO as ST).

Insensitive (Wound resistant)
  +1 for wound decisions from fire combat, +0 for wound decisions from
  close assaults.

  +2 for wound decisions from fire combat, +1 for wound decisions from
  close assaults.

   +1/+2 die shifts for armor, if the alien wears body
   assign an armor level if the alien wears no body armor.

   May leave casualties behind, without penalty. (ie ignore the two
   lines about leaving casualties behind for confidence checks). Note
   uncaring troops tend not to often have High Mission Motivations.

Leadership by Prowess 
   Bad leadership ratings (very few 1's, alot of 3's).	Leaders may
   have addition CC prowess.

  Increased command radius by 2"

  Suppression has no effect them.  Since suppression is a survival
  instinct, treat all minor successes as a major success.

  Need not make confidence checks or Reaction Tests

  Panic without Squad leader, unable to pick new squad leader (may
  reform into existing squad however).	Panic must then be removed, by
  new squad leader.

  Troops worship their leaders (ie may even BE their gods), death of a
  designated figure(s) result in confidence check.  Add the following
  2 lines to the confidence check table
				  Low	Medium	High
  Death of Worshiped figure	  6	4	2
  For each Worshiped figure dead +3    +2      +1

  Your troops are huge, treat them as size 2 (3) targets.

Shifting Psychology
  Certain events cause the troop to change its psychology (from timid
  to edgy, from calm to erratic).  (ie death of leader)


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