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Re:[FT] Honor Harrington update

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 06:19:14 +0100
Subject: Re:[FT] Honor Harrington update

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> On Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:01 AM, Bif Smith
> [] wrote:
> > >
> > I have been reading your site, and the alterations to the HH rules.
> a
> > few querries-
> > 1-Pod launcher system is same mass as equivalent missile launcher
> but
> > gets 6 arc fire? Y/N
> Yes, but you need to also pay for the launchers on top of the pod rail
> system. (effectively 6 mass per launcher).

And come without ammo? Seams to fit the mass figures (I think).

> > 2-Do the ER missiles (as used by minne) mass any greater than normal
> loads?
> > Y/N
> Oops, forgot to cover that. At the moment, I haven't actually done a
> system up for special systems yet (none of the ships are pointed, only
> massed).

So same mass, just different cost? (when costs worked out)

> > 3-For the pod system, is a firecon required for each pod launcher,
> > fired at the same target? Y/N (is one disadvantage I could see to
> Normal launch rules apply (you need 1 active firecon in missile launch
> phase).  However, both the launch rails and extended magazine can be
> threshold checks.  I may change this, as I haven't tested the Minotaur
> Wayfarer in combat as yet (DON'T let the captain hear you calling her
> "Minnie" or you'll spend several days in the brig).

NO, what I mean is that do you require a firecon per pod launched, as a
missile broadside (even one of 24 missiles) can be ONE launcher Vs 6

> > 4-Do the deployed pods have to be fired on the turn of deployment,
> > several turns of deployed pods be set to delayed fire, making a
> > salvo to overwhelm the targets PDS posible (within the FCon limits
> question
> > set above)? Y/N
> Haven't gotten up to this yet, but in the short term, ships can tow
> pods equalling their FC at a penalty of MD1.	Still getting the base
> down before doing major work on Ghost Rider.

It`s related to this, but what I`m saying is say a ship deploys 6 pods
turn, with no acceleration, for 3 turns. Could it fire all 18 pods at

> > 5-What about decoys (or did I miss them)? Y/N
> Decoys are subsumed under the countermissile rules for simplicity.

Yes, decoys work within the PDS, but what about using decoys to lure the
target off course (making them mimmic another ship). Or is it just too

> > I am asking these questions because the answer would lead to being
> > design a harrington class SDP, consisting of a pod laying system (6x
> > 12 ER pods), a minimum broadside weapons, and a lot of
> > and ADFCons to represent the goast rider systems.
> >
> > Yes, there is 1 other question I forgot (silly me). It was-
> >
> > How do you work out the way pods are towed, and what do they do for
> > thrust/acceleration of the towing ship?
> I'll get around to this when the other systems are satisfactory
> see above).
> 'Neath Southern Skies -
> [sstrike] Raider Fleet of War Leader Kel'em'all
> [FITS-DP] World Cup Team: Australia II

Please inform us when your satisfied with it all. It may be complicated
at least have a lot of missile salvo`s on the board at once), but on
glance, it does seam to capture the spirit of HH (although I do think
SD`s should be a little bigger and allowed to have some armour along
the bigger DP`s, to make them tougher).


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