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Re: [FT] A few more fleets

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:56:50 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] A few more fleets

G'day David,

 >Well, the reason is that that weapons with all
 >around arcs are ruinously expensive. I'd prefer
 >all around arcs, but you just don't get very
 >good weapons mixes at the cost I can afford.

I agree that all-arounds can be expensive, but what I meant was even
the ones you've got you can get 5-arc coverage (AP/FP/F for one 3-arc
then F/FS/AS for the other etc).

 >As designed they should probably stay back and
 >pot shot at the enemy at ranges where they can't
 >respond and flit away when they're charged.

You've got enough class-2s to suggest that you wanted to get a bit
closer ;)

 >I've never played a fleet like this except for
 >someone's version of the UN (not mine) and in that
 >case it was kind of a Kobiashi Maru scenario. I
 >started 18" away from 3 times my weight in Kravak
 >and I had to leave orbit around a planet all in
 >in a precise way that left me totally predictable
 >to the Kra'vak. Ughhh!

Ughh alright! ;)

 >This was sort of a concept fleet, but it's probably
 >too extreme. My experience is if you rely on
 >ordinance, you'd better have a lot of it

You sure do, but you also need some beams to clean up what's left over.

 >the Orions are designed for slash and run.
 >They probably SHOULD have needle beams really.

You could try out some of the heavier needle beam variants that cropped
in the WOW discussion a while back.



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