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RE: [FT] Honor Harrington update

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 10:06:25 +1000
Subject: RE: [FT] Honor Harrington update

On Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:01 AM, Bif Smith
[] wrote:
> >
> I have been reading your site, and the alterations to the HH rules. I
> few querries-
> 1-Pod launcher system is same mass as equivalent missile launcher
> gets 6 arc fire? Y/N
Yes, but you need to also pay for the launchers on top of the pod rail
system. (effectively 6 mass per launcher).

> 2-Do the ER missiles (as used by minne) mass any greater than normal
> Y/N
Oops, forgot to cover that. At the moment, I haven't actually done a
system up for special systems yet (none of the ships are pointed, only

> 3-For the pod system, is a firecon required for each pod launcher,
even if
> fired at the same target? Y/N (is one disadvantage I could see to
Normal launch rules apply (you need 1 active firecon in missile launch
phase).  However, both the launch rails and extended magazine can be hit
threshold checks.  I may change this, as I haven't tested the Minotaur
Wayfarer in combat as yet (DON'T let the captain hear you calling her
"Minnie" or you'll spend several days in the brig).

> 4-Do the deployed pods have to be fired on the turn of deployment, or
> several turns of deployed pods be set to delayed fire, making a
> salvo to overwhelm the targets PDS posible (within the FCon limits
> set above)? Y/N
Haven't gotten up to this yet, but in the short term, ships can tow
pods equalling their FC at a penalty of MD1.  Still getting the base
down before doing major work on Ghost Rider.

> 5-What about decoys (or did I miss them)? Y/N
Decoys are subsumed under the countermissile rules for simplicity.

> I am asking these questions because the answer would lead to being
able to
> design a harrington class SDP, consisting of a pod laying system (6x
> 12 ER pods), a minimum broadside weapons, and a lot of
> and ADFCons to represent the goast rider systems.
> Yes, there is 1 other question I forgot (silly me). It was-
> How do you work out the way pods are towed, and what do they do for
> thrust/acceleration of the towing ship?
I'll get around to this when the other systems are satisfactory
see above).

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