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Re: [FT] Honor Harrington update

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 20:01:18 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] Honor Harrington update

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Subject: [FT] Honor Harrington update

> For those interested, I'm updating my HH rules at the moment (will be
> uploaded in about 3 hours time).
> Major changes:
> Missiles now use MD12 cinematic movement with a 6" attack envelope (2
> turn limit).
> Nuke warheads now do 2d6 damage with a 3" attack envelope.
> Countermissiles are now scatterpacks with 54" range.
> Once I get some free time (probably after sstrike starts and I finish
> current DP round), I'll organise another scenario (no hidden ships
> time...)
> 'Neath Southern Skies -
> [sstrike] Raider Fleet of War Leader Kel'em'all
> [FITS-DP] World Cup Team: Australia II
I have been reading your site, and the alterations to the HH rules. I
have a
few querries-
1-Pod launcher system is same mass as equivalent missile launcher size,
gets 6 arc fire? Y/N
2-Do the ER missiles (as used by minne) mass any greater than normal
3-For the pod system, is a firecon required for each pod launcher, even
fired at the same target? Y/N (is one disadvantage I could see to pods).
4-Do the deployed pods have to be fired on the turn of deployment, or
several turns of deployed pods be set to delayed fire, making a massive
salvo to overwhelm the targets PDS posible (within the FCon limits
set above)? Y/N
5-What about decoys (or did I miss them)? Y/N

I am asking these questions because the answer would lead to being able
design a harrington class SDP, consisting of a pod laying system (6x
12 ER pods), a minimum broadside weapons, and a lot of
and ADFCons to represent the goast rider systems.

Just some questions, not critisisms.

 "Yorkshire born, yorkshire bred,
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