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RE: figure poses and MICVs

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 13:32:21 -0400
Subject: RE: figure poses and MICVs

I would imagine that an EMP Pulse is also a big red flag for artillery
saying "Shoot Us! We're comming through here!"

I expect the nastiest stuff will be non-electronic barriers.
Monowire (if it exists in the GZG universe).
Sticky Goo Puddles
Explosives that react with the material on the sole of a boot or uniform
Pits with diamond crystal spikes.
Designer crystal caltrops that break into smaller caltrops if shattered.
Tumble Weeds made of fiber that resonates when in proximity to radio
frequencies (then you look for a set distortion pattern).
A field of superglue impregnated streamers.
And dozens of things that are so nasty I didn't think of them.

Brian Bell

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> Of course in the day of electronic sensors he could be looking the 
> high tech way, but then the CDMs could look for that sensor too and 
> attack him. do you find a minefield when its protected by 
> CDMs that want to blow you do shreds when you get close enough to see 
> it...?
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> I would think the same way modern tactics are used for ARM's - You put
> decoy emissions to draw out the active missiles or use mobile sites
> intermittently to keep the missile guessing if they are in loiter
mode.  I
> would suspect that in the future, for mines, you would have the
> equivalent to a bangalore - just some massive emp pulse that would
> trigger a mine or burn it out and make it insensitive.  Although the
> guy setting it off would probably feel naked since he couldn't carry
> electronics, not even a radio (perhaps there is a market for vacuum
> tubes...)for fear of frying them when he set off the EMP charge.
> --Binhan

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