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[FT] Fighter Balance (was: FT-Number crunching required)

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 09:29:19 -0400
Subject: [FT] Fighter Balance (was: FT-Number crunching required)

OK. Where is the balance point?

Against a balanced fleet of Fleet Book ships, where is the balance

Lets take a target fleet of a BB, 3 CH, 2 CE, 4 DDs (10 ships). One of:
NAC: 1x Victoria BB, 3x Vandengurg CH, 2x Furious CE, 4x Ticonderoga DD
NSL: 1x MVBurgund BB, 3x Markgraf CH, 2x Radetzky CE, 4x Walburg DD
FSE: 1x Roma BB, 3x Jerez CH, 2x Milan/E*, 4x San Miguel DD
ESU: 1x Petrograd BB, 3x Voroshilev CH, 2x Beijing/BE CE, 4x Warsaw DD
 *FSE has no ADFC ships. Milan/E replaces a C2B and a salvo missile
with an ADFC and 2 extra PDS (and reorients the remaining C2B to
Fleet mass runs 582-634. Cost runs 1950-2120

I know that 1 fighter group has little value. 2 has some value, but I
still give standard weapons the advantage. 3 is close to even value. 4
begins to tip the advantage toward the carrier fleet. 5 goes to the
fleet. All IMO.

How would you read the situation? How many fighter groups are too weak
to be
of value. How many are too many as to be overpowering if the other side
not have any?

A balanced system should not force the other side to take it to be
competitive or to take the specific remedy (i.e. screens vs beams).

Please do not read the above as sarcastic. It is not intended to be. I
like to know where others find the balance.

Brian Bell

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> > Missiles are like fighters the more you use, the more effective they
> are.
> > Fighter groups seem balanced at about 1 group per 3 friendly ships (
> with a
> > balanced, mixed mass fleet), where no more than 2 groups attack a
> > target in a single turn (playtesters can correct this perception if
I am
> > wrong and indicate the correct balance point). In MT, MT missiles
> > balanced at about 1 per 2 ships (where no more than 2 attacked a
> > target in a given turn). My version, above, should meet this same
> balance
> > point.
> You would never get anything through in one of our games.  The
> balance point is way over what you have listed.
> Roger

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