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Re: David's vehicle design

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 15:27:03 -0400
Subject: Re: David's vehicle design

At 10:29 AM -0400 7/9/01, Glenn M Wilson wrote:
>On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 08:07:25 -0400  "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)"
><> writes:
>>So I can get a Size 3 vehicle with 5 MDC/2s (14cap) and 2 APSWs
>Wait a minute,
>Running totals -
>Turret: #1, 6 (3x2); #2 10, (6+(2x2)); #3 14 (10+(2x2); plus 2 APSW's
>- 5 MDC/2's in a single turret on a size 3 vehicle costs 22 capacity.
>Fixed: #1 (4 (2x2); #2 8 (4 + 2x2); #3 12 (8 + 2x2); #4 16 (12 + (2 x

Obviously the system has a hard time making something like an Ontos. 
But then a 105mm RR isn't the same as a 105mm gun. Velocities are way 

>>I think that the weapon number limited to vehicle size is a good rule.
>>Perhaps APSWs and Fragmentation Belts should not count toward the max
>>weapons numbers (but still cost capacity points)?
>I can accept that easily.  But then it pushes the multiple APSW design
>forward as an acceptable alternative.

This works as well. Given the way the Israelis like to make their 
Armoured vehicles bristle with MGS and other light weapons...

>Still, it would be
>>annoying to see a size-3 IFV with 16 APSWs.
>A dedicated Infantry support Tank?  A future 'retro' vision of WW1
>appropriate for specialized use.  Easily (?) stopped by infantry GMS/L
>team(s) combined with Size 2 or maybe even size 1 tankettes with 'real'

Yep. A nice dedicated weapon that has little utility outside it's 
scope. Better to spread those APSWs around to other vehicles as well. 
The Gun Trucks of vietnam are a great example.

>Would like 'advanced' engines to take less or more capacity?  I can see
>arguments for both based on the dreaded 'multiple tech' rules in games
>like Traveller...

Hmm, same is a nice balance I think. Given how abstract the system is 
with regards to sizes and weapons fits. It'd be nice to have the 
option for a adding superior to boost range bands on weapons and 
such. But perhaps that's too much...

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