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Re: NIFT Stealth II Trial AAR

From: Charles Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 19:02:39 +0100
Subject: Re: NIFT Stealth II Trial AAR

In message
	  "Izenberg, Noam" <> wrote:

> Re: Revised stealth.
> So, JTL, Laserlight, Charles, etc..
> Something like this seems to be favored:
> Stealth hull loses 1 level at Threshold 2, second level (if any) at
> 3.
> This better than a thresholdable system at first, then worse as the
> gets more damaged, so on the whole, would it be a wash, costwise?
> Is 7% mass/level and cost 5/mass too much/little? I think it workd OK
for a
> thresholdable system.
> If we want to tie it into streamlining, we could Mass it like
> (5%/level) and cost it 3 pts/Mass.
Err.. actually Streamlining uses 10% of hull MASS if partial, 20% if
full, and costs 2 per MASS.

> Or keep it at 7% and say that Stealth 2 ships are automatically
> streamlined. Or add on to stealth at 3%Mass and 2pts/masslevel.
> Mass		Stealth 1 Mass		Cost
> 150		11 or 15			55 or 45
> 100		7 or 10 		35 or 30
> 50		4 or 5			20 or 15
> 25		2 or 3			10 or 9
> I could go either way, perhaps leaning twoard the lighter, more
> stealth. 
> The PSB of stealthing and streamlining doesn't bother me one bit. I
> see it work a bunch of ways. Don't forget Streamlining in FT could
> simply be a modified screen system that creates an earodynamic "shell"
> around a ship screaming through an atmosphere.
> It would help to ballance if there were any real [FT] game utility to
> streamlining
> Noam
I do have one slight 'issue' with the whole stealth concept - a
stealthed ship, even a 200+ Mass SDN is treated as if it were further
away by any attacking ship, while a MASS 6 non-stealthed scout is
attacked normally.

The implication is that the stealth system reduces the signature of
_any_ ship to a value greater than that of a fighter (which cannot be
targeted at all by non PDS weapons), but less than that of the smallest
scout/strikeboat (which could be as small as MASS 3).

Anyway, why don't we make Stealth Systems WotW #11?



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