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Re: NIFT Stealth II Trial AAR

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 20:13:14 EDT
Subject: Re: NIFT Stealth II Trial AAR

On Sun, 8 Jul 2001 18:57:13 -0400 "Laserlight" <>
>> > Glenn said
>> > > I thought the stealth benefits of the F117 make it a *Less*
>> > aerodynamic design for flight?  That's why it's nicknamed the
>Wobbling' Goblin
>> > (Or  some such) IIRC...
>> >
>> > The 117 is *extremely* aerodynamic, compared to eg a Der
>> > NSL hull
>Derk said:
>> But is this a valid argument? The F117 is an aircraft turned
>stealth, and
>> it's less aerodynamic than normal aircraft. Given the constraints of
>> spacecraft, does it take more effort to make a stealthed,
>> spacecraft, than it does to make only stealthed or only aerodynamic
>> spacecraft? Those are very different matters entirely?
>My point is that a F117 may be a bit less aerodynamic than eg a F15,
>but it still works pretty well as an aircraft.  I expect it would be
>easier to make it one OR the other, I'm just saying they're not
>incompatible.	Or maybe I'm just blithering.	    :-b...

Well, if Aerodynamic is referring to performance in Air and The MT type
rules are used as a basis, and stealth is shape based as much or more
then  composition then should a target as large as a  Der Theuerdank NSL
hull act like the Mecha is DS2?  (Paint a *Big* red bulls-eye on the

I suppose I would/could PSB the whole issue away by finding reasons when
"space" weapons degrade excessively rapidly in an "air" envirnonment? 
Precedence has been made in other rules! <grin>

Other then Ortillery, when would you want to expose your expensive space
ship (should stand out like an Iron Dinosaur to an aerospace defense
system designed to stop something as small as a warhead from a
sub-orbital vehicle (to give one example) to ground defenses?  If the
processing power on a starship can place a Beam weapon on target over
those ranges, why can't a larger, underground, armored facility with
scattered ground station collection points easily place a Class  8 (to
heck with those puny Class 5's!) or Class 9 beam over those vital Space
Ports the Drop Troops seem so eager to take?

( "Report: Sighted Troop Transporter, Shattered Same.")

I just think a "positive loop" discount for Stealth AND aerodynamic
awfully cheap.	But I am a FT secondarily to DS2 so I'll not get too
involved in this thread.

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