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Suggested figure posings (for Jon Tuffley)

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 16:17:44 -0400
Subject: Suggested figure posings (for Jon Tuffley)

<I've posted this to the list to see if anyone 
else has any new ideas or likes these>


I've seen many figure poses over the last few 
years (having bought NSL, PAU, Gurkha, OUDF, 
FSE, NAC, Dutch, NI, ESU and other forces). 
Some are great, some look like they are trying 
hard to stretch in ways normal humans never 
could. Action poses tend to be either really 
solid looking, or really silly looking. 

One pose I have never seen, standing, prone, 
or kneeling, which would make for a good 
action pose:

Figure (if standing or kneeling) with rifle held in 
one hand by the pistol grip, barrell near 
vertical.  Other hand with a magazine in it (no 
mag in the rifle). This represents mag-changing 
- either throwing out the old mag or about to 
insert a new one. If the figure was prone, the 
rifle would probably be laid sideways on the 

In a similar vein, you might have  the same 
pose but instead of having a mag in the off 
hand, you might have him fishing into a mag 

This would give you (if you used some of  your 
existing rifle-in-air poses) a number of new 
combat poses for a number of current ranges 
with only minimal resculpt. And it would add a 
realistic combat activity not often represented. 

Also, some poses with a figure throwing a hand 
grenade (yes, there are grenade launchers, but 
the hand grenade will still have uses indoors 
and when attacking over obstacles or into 
depressed locations or if you want to bounce 
your attack into a tough spot) would be nice. 

Just a thought since you've admitted to being in 
a Scultping Mindset. If I've gotta have you 
sculpting instead of working on FMAS, DS3 or 
BDS, then I want you sculpting ground-pounder 
stuff! :) 

Tomb Raider

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