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High powered lasers

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 06:43:08 +0100
Subject: High powered lasers

David Griffin asked why I use k guns on my human designs for the omega
have since thought that it can actually represent a high powered laser
x-ray laser) that has a short duration (cannot follow the target, so
requiring you to fire where you think the target is) but a highly
energy output (the beam pounches a hole through your ship, virtually
ignoring the armour). The above is PSB, but explains a way to use the
exsisting weapons rules for a new weapon without having to try and
it (already done for you). The above has given me some ideas for a x-ray
laser warhead for a MT missile. The MT missile has a x-ray laser
that on reaching attack range, detonates, sending several x-ray laser
at the target, in a cone pattern to increase the chances of a hit. When
using them, roll a 1D6 (not sure about having some modifiers for ECM and
such), that is the number of beams on target. Each beam is a K3 (or 2?),
dammage is done as such.

I have been thinking about this in a HH setting, and thought I`d post it
see what people think (and also tell me how unballanced it is <G>). I do
have some more ideas for this, but it can wait.

 "Yorkshire born, yorkshire bred,
 strong in arms, thick in head"

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