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Re: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results

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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 17:40:38 -0400
Subject: Re: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results


>Date: 4 Jul 2001 13:52:16 -0700
>Subject: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results


this works really well and is a good idea.



>1. Within 6" and in LOS, no communication roll.
>2. Within 6" and no LOS, communications roll.
>3. Outside of 6" and in LOS, communications roll.
>4. Outside of 6" and no LOS, communications roll at -1.
>Note that this is cumulative with the "skipping command levels"

this is simple and easy to administer.	good idea!




My feeling on this is that it will allow the leader to do too much.

According to this, if I read your suggestion correctly, the leader
in one activation and using only ONE action: move, transfer an action,
observe something, and communicate with higher headquarters.   Sure,
would be penalties for the rolls, but that's a *lot* of extra stuff
going on.

I think this is probably too much - though I would certainly have to try
in play to see.

>Date: 4 Jul 2001 14:09:36 -0700
>Subject: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out
>One thing happened in my playtest game that I wanted to bring up.
>What do you do when a vehicle carrying passengers is destroyed or
disabled? Do you let the passengers bail out for free, or make them wait
for their activation? Do you require them to bail out?

The section "Casualties to Vehicle Occupants" on page 39 discusses this.
If crew or passengers survive, they are out of the wreck (bailing out
as part of the survival roll).	

"...thus in the example above the MDC/3 would have an effective class fo
and only troops rolling 7 or better would get out of the wreck..."

The important bit is the "get out of the wreck" at the end there.  If a
figure makes their survival roll, they "get out of the wreck".	

Then you go on to see what happened to the casualties (who didn't get
- on a 1-3 they are dead, on a 4-6 they are wounded, but still in the

I figure that the intent of this rule was to encompasses both a chance
be hurt during the initial damage to the vehicle and the chance to have
bailed out quickly once the vehicle was hit.

>There's also a question of whether or not the occupants take a
marker. The rules state that a vehicle hit by fire takes a suppression
marker which prevents occupants from escaping. What happens if shrapnel
flies through the vehicle on a disable/destroyed result?

That is a good one.  When a vehicle is suppressed, people in it can't
out or operate externally mounted weapons.  But the vehicle can
keep acting as normal.

It doesn't say anywhere that if the vehicle is penetrated and
crew/passengers escape, they should be suppressed.

It makes sense, however, that leaping from a burning vehicle after the
traumatic experiece of having it blow up around you would be somewhat
startling, at least.  We play it that once a vehicle is destroyed or
disabled and the crew is out, they *are* suppressed, and have to spend
action removing the suppression marker.

>After thinking about it, here's the situation we came up with:
>- - On a non-penetrating hit, the vehicle takes a suppression marker,
per the rules. The occupants can not leave until this is removed.
>- - On a penetrating hit that destroys the vehicle, the occupants test
casualties as normal. They immediately bail out of the vehicle 6 inches,
but they are given a suppression result. [The suppression makes up for
"free" unloading action.]
>- - On a penetrating hit that disables the vehicle, the occupants test
casualties as normal. The squad may bail out as per a destroyed vehicle,
and are given a suppression result. On a successful Confidence Test of
1/2/4 for high/med/low motivation troops, the squad may stay in the
disabled vehicle instead of bailing out, but they still receive a
suppression marker.
>How does that sound? In practice all the squads bailed out.

This sounds good.

I like the idea that they have to take a confidence test to stay in the
vehicle - it would be more likely that they would want to go running
it was hit.

But what happens if the vehicle is attacked again, by an enemy who knows
there is a squad hiding in it?

Would you roll as normal, and have "disabled" or "destroyed" results as

How many times could you "disable" a vehicle with a squad hiding in it
before it doesn't provide cover, or is too dangerously damaged for a
to stay in.

How about this:

if a vehicle is disabled, the occupants can stay in it (if they pass
confidence test).  ANY further penetrating hit on the vehicle (either a
disable or a destroy result) causes the vehicle to be destroyed, and the
occupants have to make another set of survival rolls.

and it does make sense that if they stick around inside, they should be



Adrian Johnson

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