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RE: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results

From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 11:16:39 -0400
Subject: RE: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results

At 7:03 PM -0400 7/4/01, Brian Bell wrote:
>Tom suggested limiting a command element to making, at most, two
>Transfer Actions per activation, but the first one is "free" and
>doesn't cost the command element an action. So, a command element can
>make one Transfer for free, spend an action to do its second
>Transfer, and still have one more action left over.
>[Bri] I don't care for this it makes leaders even more powerful. I
>really don't want this game to become "hunt the leader".

What if you allowed the number of transferable actions based on the 
leader quality? Expert Sgts (Lance Cpls too?) and Officers as virtual 
whirlwinds of activity and 3 transferrable actions. The average guys, 
well, just average. And the abysmally slow and stupid Butter Bars 
(You can't get lost without LT) and dumb ncos (the 3's) only one 
action. Force effectiveness is tied closely with commander grade.

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