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Re: [FT] Idea: Fighter MRSM

From: David Griffin <carbon_dragon@y...>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 11:54:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] Idea: Fighter MRSM

Doesn't seem too objectionable. It's a little more
effective than normal fighters on one attack, but
it's priced higher. AND they only get one attack.
I think I'd rather be attacked by these than regular
fighters actually.

--- Thomas Barclay <> wrote:
> MRSM - mid range standoff missile 
> This is something akin to a cross between an 
> SM and a group of torpedo fighters. 
> Concept:
> Fighters currently run a very high risk of being 
> obliterated in a high PDS environment as well as 
> a risk of being annihilated by interceptors. 
> Enemy fighters are kind of hard to dodge, but 
> the problems engaging ships outside the PDS 
> envelope suggest the development of some 
> sort of standoff weapon. It can't be hugely 
> powerful or everyone will take it! It has to also 
> be costed appropriately. 
> The idea is this: 
> PDS range is 6". A weapon which would allow a 
> fighter to attack from a range of 9" would allow 
> a squadron of attacking fighters to engage the 
> target from range and eliminate PDS (except 
> from other ships with ADFC within 6") as a 
> threat (thus leaving only the other side's 
> fighters). 
> So, when we buy a torpedo fighter, we get a 
> weapon which can (IIRC) do 1d6 damage per 
> fighter but requires you to enter the PDS 
> envelope to use it. It also is a one shot, then 
> home to reload kind of item. 
> Similarly the MRSM is proposed as a 
> modification to a standard fighter to replace its 
> existing ordinance loadout. An MSRM fighter 
> can fire one MSRM salvo before rearming. So in 
> this sense, things work like a torpedo fighter. 
> However, the MSRM may be fired from 9" out 
> and therefore outside of PDS range (however, if 
> the fighter player is a little clueless, he might 
> still put himself inside PDS range....). So it can't
> do as much damage. 
> Each fighter fires its MRSM and the 6 (for a full 
> squadron) come in as one attack. Each MSRM 
> does 1d6-3. (average 1 pt, max 3). However, 
> MSRMs are subject to the PDS (their fighter 
> platforms might not be, but the munitions have 
> to enter the PDS envelope to attack) and so the 
> PDS can attack incoming MSRM salvoes (when 
> an MSRM fighter declares it is attacking, it must 
> identify that it is deploying the MSRM to give 
> the defender a chance to allot his PDS with this 
> fact taken into account). Because the squadron 
> fires one salvo together, PDS multi-kill is 
> effective (that is, you can kill more than one of 
> the 6 MSRMs with a given PDS if you roll well). 
> Screens have no effect on this attack form (its 
> missiles). 
> I suspect a flight of fighters armed with MRSMs 
> should be costed as torpedo fighters. 
> This gives a standoff weapon that gives fighters 
> a good chance to survive an engagement, but 
> they'll have to go home to rearm. Against a 
> light PDS vessel, they should be able to do a 
> few points damage. Against heavy PDS, they'll 
> probably be moderately ineffective. 
> Thoughts? 
> Tomb Raider

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