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Re: New IF ships

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 14:23:14 +0100
Subject: Re: New IF ships

>From: Ground Zero Games <>
>> We're thinking "master mould in next couple of weeks, in full
>> ready for Britcon and Colours (Aug/Sept)..." For the first batch, at
>> Jon (GZG)
>And these would be what sizes?

Finished and almost ready for moulding, we have:

Patrol cruiser, heavy cruiser and big carrier.


Escort carrier (CH-sized carrier for 2 fighter groups)

2 new fighter types, looking VERY SLIGHTLY like X and Y wings.....  ;-)
Strike Corvette (a biggish strikeboat, probably FTL capable)

Plus another new DD, which at present doesn't have a home - but maybe

To follow: another few IF and UNSC, lots more Japs, FCT and also

Availability on all these is provisional on them surviving the master

Thanks for the Islamic suggestions, especially the class names. I have
say I'm personally not keen on the asymmetric designs, especially as the
models are symmetrical, but interesting nonetheless!

Jon (GZG)

>Sahaabah CL (mass 54)
>Jibril CH (mass 74)
>Hattin CH (mass 90)
>My proposed specs are as follows:
>Sahaabah (Companions) CL
>mass 54, NPV 185
>MD 6, no FTL
>14 hull 4433
>3 armor
>3 PDS
>2 FCS
>4 B2
>2 SMR
> These are named for the companions of the Prophet (on whom be peace),
>particularly those who were around him during the battle of Badr and
>other important events.  The class's lead ship is Miqdad ibn al Aswad.
>Jibril CH
>Mass 74 NPV 268
>MD 4, FTL
>18 hull 5544
>4 armor
>Screen 2
>4 PDS + 1 ADFC
>2 FCS
>7 B2 (2 x F/FS/AS, 2 x AP/FP/F, 3 FP/F/FS)
>Other weapons combinations are possible, of course--eg drop 3 B2 and
>add 4 PDS + 1 ADFC for a CH-E, or drop one B2 in favor of 2 B1
>Named after angels
>Hattin CH
>Mass 90 NPV 310
>MD 4, FTL
>22 hull 6655
>5 armor
>Screen 1
>4 PDS + 1 ADFC
>3 FCS
>2 B3 (FP/F/FS) (sometimes replaced by 2 SMR + 2 B2)
>4 B2 (2 x F/FS/AS, 2 x AP/FP/F)
>2 B1
>Honors Muslim victories including Badr, Hattin, Ain Jalut etc

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