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[FT]WOTW Phalon Plasma Shield

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 10:47:18 -0400
Subject: [FT]WOTW Phalon Plasma Shield

WOTW: Phalon Plasma Shield

The Phalon Plasma Shield is an extension of their Plasma Bolt
technology. In
fact it uses the same projectors as the Plasma Bolt Launcher (but with
different settings). It is fired at the Launch Ordnance Phase. It is
exactly in the same way as a Plasma Bolt. It expands, at the same point
the turn as a Plasma Bolt, into a ball of plasma 6mu (4mu in vector) in
diameter. The Plasma Shield expands at this location and remains until
it is
destroyed or the end of the turn. Just like in firing a plasma bolt, if
plasma shield is fired, the plasma launcher must recharge for 1 round
it may fire again.

Any attack that passes through the plasma shield is effected (trace
line from attacking ship to target; if line crosses any point of the
shield it is effected). The shield absorbs 3 points of damage per class
before it pops (it also pops at the end of the turn regardless of the
of damage it absorbed). Like the Vapor Shroud, this effect works both
(against attacks against the Phalon ship and attacks from the Phalon

Any ship, fighter, or missile that enters a Plasma Shield takes 1 point
damage (not per class, just 1 point). 

If a Plasma Shield and Plasma Bolt are in range of each other, reduce
by the class of the other. Example: a class-5 Plasma Bolt and a class-3
Plasma shield intersect; the Plasma Shield is reduced to 0 and the
Bolt is reduced to class-2. Or if a class-5 Plasma Shield intersects a
class-3 Plasma Bolt, the bolt is reduced to 0 and the screen to 2 (6

Before a Plasma Shield expands, it may be reduced by fighters or PDS in
same manner as a Plasma Bolt.

The Plasma Launchers must be configured for either Plasma Bolts or
Shields before the game (in the same manner as Pulsars).

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