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[FT]Big ol' fleet game (was Re: Pre-measuring things)

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 20:17:55 GMT
Subject: [FT]Big ol' fleet game (was Re: Pre-measuring things)

> > (This is all particularly relevant to me right now.  I hope to run a

> > game in another week or two, with forty or fifty ships on each side.
> > will be an all-day affair, but we're going to need things to move as

> > as possible if we want any hope of finishing.)
>That's kind of interesting.  Will you be using custom ships, at all?
>(One of my strong reasons for seeking out Full Thrust resources on line
>morbid curiosity as to what custom design routes other people take. :)

I'm taking the easy way out.  Or at least I WAS taking the easy way out,

before my printer broke....

I've been scanning the SSDs from the first fleet book, organizing and 
resizing them in Excel, and will (hopefully) be printing them out,
them out, and slipping them into baseball card protectors.  This will
me to customize the sides quickly and easily -- three or four players on

each side, and only the total point values will be important -- and will

make the SSDs easy to reuse, since they can be marked on with grease 

My largest fleet is composed of NSL ships, supplemented by a handful of
Fortress Figures plastics, and will make up the whole of one side. 
are about fifty of these ships, with about  of the force being made up
either heavy cruisers or battlecruisers.  How many I use will depend on
well the other side comes together.

The other side will be made up of FSE -- about 25 ships,
a handful of NAC -- an even half dozen,
and a few BFG Imperial ships -- 8 or 9 ships, which I will be giving ESU


I have enough FSE ships painted to match up with the NSL, but I wanted
show off some of the other things that I've been painting.  My last
made up of around 60 GW Spacefleet Tyranids, will be sitting this one
If I had FBII, though...but that will have to wait until I have spending

money again.

I'd much rather be designing custom forces for everyone, but I wanted to
this with a minimal amount of time and effort.	Time, at least, is at a 
premium for me right now.  At the moment, all I have done is my New
designs, and they need heaps of work.

John Crimmins

   "We're not at home to Mr. Reasonable, sergeant."
   "I do not hear him knockin', sir."
    --Terry Pratchett, _The Fifth Elephant_

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