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Re: Pre-measuring things

From: stiltman@t...
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 12:45:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Pre-measuring things

> > >Frankly, no. Just last Friday I lost the game because I
> >couldn't eyeball
> > >the length of the gaming table. And it's my own bloody table to
> >boot! I've
> > >had it for 15 years! And I couldn't remember how long it was.
> >Because I
> > >don't like to base my tactics on gamesmanship like that.

> >So, your ships don't have radar?
> PSB-wise, it's easy to justify forbidding pre-measurement.  I assume
> each and every ship is employing several forms of ECM, launching
decoys of 
> various sorts, and doing everything possible to "blur" their actual 
> position.

I agree.

> We don't allow pre-measurement in any of our games, and never have. 
> don't like the time that it takes, and we all have bad memories of
some of 
> the pre-measurers that we used to game with...
> (forty-five bloody minutes to move ONE 10 MAN UNIT so that they
> that precise half inch where HIS troops were firing at close range but
> ENEMIES' were firing at medium range...repeat this process three or
> times in a single night, eating up almost half of our total gaming
time, and 
> you will get some sense of our frustration)

Oh, I believe it fully.  The issue of pre-measurement actually hasn't
come up in our games.  (We only play Full Thrust where we don't have a
use for it anyway, but...)

However, I have a famous intolerance in my gaming circles for
and just about any other form of "work the details and the system to our
advantage, even if it takes an hour" sort of gibberish.  This is one
reason I found Full Thrust so appealing to begin with:	you can crank
a large scale fleet action in a couple of hours.... IF you don't succumb
such things.
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