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Re: Pre-measuring things

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 19:22:42 GMT
Subject: Re: Pre-measuring things

> >Frankly, no. Just last Friday I lost the game because I
>couldn't eyeball
> >the length of the gaming table. And it's my own bloody table to
>boot! I've
> >had it for 15 years! And I couldn't remember how long it was.
>Because I
> >don't like to base my tactics on gamesmanship like that.
>So, your ships don't have radar?

PSB-wise, it's easy to justify forbidding pre-measurement.  I assume
each and every ship is employing several forms of ECM, launching decoys
various sorts, and doing everything possible to "blur" their actual 

I have to admit that I don't quite grasp the idea that people who are
at estimating ranges have some kind of unfair advantage.  I game with
who have absolutely NO grasp of strategy and/or tactics, and have shown
signs of developing such skills over the years that I have been gaming
them.  They don't consider it to be "unfair" when they are pitted
someone much more tactically skilled than themselves.  More challenging,

certainly, but not unfair.  It helps that our best tacticians are
dice rollers, though.  I think of range estimation as being a very

We don't allow pre-measurement in any of our games, and never have.  We 
don't like the time that it takes, and we all have bad memories of some
the pre-measurers that we used to game with...

(forty-five bloody minutes to move ONE 10 MAN UNIT so that they occupied

that precise half inch where HIS troops were firing at close range but
ENEMIES' were firing at medium range...repeat this process three or four

times in a single night, eating up almost half of our total gaming time,
you will get some sense of our frustration)

But when you get right down to it, it's a personal preference and
more.  My group shares this common trauma, but most people (fortunately)
free of it.

That's how we prefer it.  I'm a terrible estimator, but I muddle
We all do.  Plus, along with our terrible dice rolling, it gives us 
something else to blame if we should happen to lose.  If we have someone
is literally unable to see the board, we'll cheerfully make an 
exception...but that hasn't become relevant yet.  At the rate some of us
aging, though, that could change at any moment.  Check back in a month

(This is all particularly relevant to me right now.  I hope to run a
game in another week or two, with forty or fifty ships on each side.  It

will be an all-day affair, but we're going to need things to move as
as possible if we want any hope of finishing.)

John Crimmins

   "We're not at home to Mr. Reasonable, sergeant."
   "I do not hear him knockin', sir."
    --Terry Pratchett, _The Fifth Elephant_

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