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RE: [DS] Coatai [GZG] LLAR, was Newbie Hello

From: "Brian Bell" <bkb@b...>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 13:26:27 -0400
Subject: RE: [DS] Coatai [GZG] LLAR, was Newbie Hello

Thank you for your reply(s)!

You are correct that the domination of the LLAR is both Brazil and
I wanted to avoid spanish names for the units in this case (too easy for
someone to point out my mistakes). It has been too long since I looked
names for the vehicles, so I don't remember exactly what I was looking
up. I
do remember that I was looking up "Snow Lepoard" and got "Tigre Branco".
"Núcleo duro" was "main armor" or some such. "Bomba" was some verb (but
"explosive"). As you can see, translation programs come up with some

"Coatai" is a small south american mammal (rodent?). It is a tree
It was meant to be just a code name, with no meaning attached to the

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Brian Bell wrote:
> I have done a DS2 scenario involving the LLAR
> (
While I
> do not speak spanish or Portuguese, I used a translation program on
> web to name the LLAR vehicles in Portuguese (as Brazil is supposed to
> dominate the LLAR).

What is the canon source for Brazil domination ? FT states that it is
dominated by Brazil AND Argentina. I guess a bilingual
Spanish/Portuguese is
the most likely.

> Feel free to take a look and correct any language problems.

Don't know 'Coatai' Indio language perhaps ?
'Tatu' = Armadillo, OK
'Tigre Branco' = White Tiger, OK (unusual animal, though)
'Bomba' = Bomb, odd name for a tank
'Pico de Coruja' = Owl's beak, odd name for a tank,
  'Coruja' alone seems more plausible.
'Núcleo duro' = Hard core. How come ? (however, AFAIK 'Núcleo Duro'
does not
have the same associations as hardcore has in English)

> I suspect LLAR is bi- or tri-lingual (Portuguese/Spanish or
> Portuguese/Spanish/English).

I see it as basically bilingual Portuguese/Spanish. In practice, a blend
Spanish and Portuguese ('Latino') has been developing for over a century
is widely used. Political debate about allowing its use in official
documents has been an off- and on-topic for a decade. In practice,
Latino is
also the command language of the armed forces. Ranks, unit designations
still are in Spanish/Portuguese. Vehicle and ship names can be either of
these or Native American.

On various planets or parts of these heavily settled by Indios, native
American languages are recognised as official for local business. These
include Quiché, Nahuatl, Guaraní and Quechua. Some militia forces use

Other languages are locally spoken by immigrant groups either from
non-hispanic areas of South America and the Carribean or from outside
LLAR. There are publications in these languages and some are taught at
schools, but they have otherwise no official states. Chinese, English or
French are the most commonly taught foreign languages and you will
find somebody
reasonably fluent in one of these.

> I would think that the LLAR is fairly big as they lost all their
on earth before any other nation moved thier
> headquarters off Earth (making them the second nation without Earth
holdings [after New Israel]).

> Also, feel free to stop by my Full Thrust Ship Registry
> ( ).

One remark:
Name of the Free Orange Republic battleship'Transvall' should be

Karl Heinz

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