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[FH] Royal Navy

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 20:02:02 -0400
Subject: [FH] Royal Navy

Uncovered my father-in-law's copy of Imperial Military
Geography, 1935.

RN: 15 BB + BC, 44 cruisers, 7 CV, 146 DD and flotilla leaders,
54 subs.
Royal Oz Navy: 4 cruisers, 1 CV, 11 DD
NZ Squadron: 2 cruisers

It is possible that the dominions had other ships and these were
just the ones committed to aid the RN.	I wouldn't think so, but
there are entries for Union of S Africa Naval Service and for
Royal Indian Navy with no ships in either--presumably they did
have some ships, though?
Under construction at that time, 4 capital, 18 subs, 2 CV and 12

British Regular Army had 199,000 men, of which 110,000 were at
Home, 30,000 in various colonies (Gibralter, Malta, Ceylon, Hong
Kong etc) and 59,000 in India.	In addition, 144,000 in reserves
and 130,000 in Territorial Army which would provide the home
guard.	Dominions other than India had about 13,000 permanent
troops (total), of which Ireland had 6000.  India had  Indian
State forces and the Indian Army, totaling about 211,000 with
another 80,000 or so auxiliary troops.	Mandates (eg East
African, Transjordan, Sudan) total about 13,000 more.  Leaving
out the 80,000 Indian auxiliaries, the reserves and the
Territorial (Home Guard) units, the total is 436,000 permanent
troops serving in a population of 490 million, or 1 in 1120.
The US at that time ("the most constant advocate of
disarmament") had 1 in 914; Japan 1 in 656; France 1 in 144; and
Germany ("when rearmament is complete") 1 in 129.  Those figures
are for army only, not including navy and air forces.

Outside the Home bases, only Gibralter, Malta and Singapore were
equipped to repair capital ships; no others were equipped for
more than 10,000 tons (cruisers) or below.

--Chris  DeBoe

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