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Re: [FT] Fleet Survey #2: Best Fleets

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 08:27:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [FT] Fleet Survey #2: Best Fleets

>ESU. These look too "airplane-ish" to me. If they were listed
as being
>semi-atmosphericaly streamlined, it would be OK, but they are
not. Wings in
>space are fairly usless, unless you are planning to go into an

Someone else mentioned that the ESU look good except for the two
super-heavies--I'd change my own response to fit that, the
Gorchkov and so forth look good but the SDN & CVA look like

>IC. The crecent matches the intended purpose, but I still think
of the ships
>as not-Centauri. I prefer that Jon make new designs and not
not-copies of
>other designs.

That's "Islamic Federation", not "Indonesian Commonwealth", you
uncultured heathen infidel dog and son of a camel..

>What I would like to see:
>Asymetrical designs.
>A LLAR fleet, a PAU fleet, a IC fleet.

PAU buys from ESU and NAC (as they vascillate politically); LLAR
I imagine also buys ESU ships; IC might be a good candidate for
a new line or they might buy a mix of ships from several of the
Big Four.

>Modular freighters that would be in scale with the warships. We
have a
>number of freighter designs, but most of them are too small
compaired to the
>warships. We need some BULK freightors (mass 300+). Best would
be a good
>central core with lots of cargo "pods" to attach to it. Perhaps
it should be
>sold in 2 parts; main ship and a couple of cargo pods; and a
blister of
>cargo pods. The player could then decide how many pods to
attach to the
>cargo vessel.
>Another non-organic technology sentient alien species.

Let's say that again, a little louder:	NOT ORGANIC.  Beams and
struts and geodesic framework (says he who doesn't have to
design the molds).  The feel I'd like to get is a ship with no
"skin", perhaps crossed with a feel of "mechanical scorpion".

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