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Re: FB2 Has Arrived!

From: aebrain@d...
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 01:11:27 GMT
Subject: Re: FB2 Has Arrived!

Laserrlight wrote:

>>>Thanks for the great new product Jon.  Kudos to you and your
>>Ha! What staff...?
>Your unpaid staff.  Oerjan, Beth, et al.

Unpaid? UNPAID? You have to be kidding.

We got (in reverse order of value):

* A freebie copy of FB2. OK, that's not exactly big bucks, but welcome

* A mention in the "thanks to" section of FB2 from Jon, a guy who we all
as being one of the great game developers, and who has the awards to
prove it.

* A chance to have our say in the development of FB2, I can point to
bits of
it and say "that's my idea". e.g. The consumption of Sa'Vasku hull boxes
make drones and pods.
* FB2 developed in a shorter time than it might have been, with Jon
having put
in VAST amounts of work fleshing out some of our less-than-detailed
and indellibly making them very much his own work in the process. We
just helped
a bit.

Having FB2 available in April 2000 rather than 2001 is payment enough,
and more

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