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Re: FB2 hull strength

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 08:35:15 +0100
Subject: Re: FB2 hull strength

>In FB1, a "Fragile" hull used 10% of its TMF, rounded to the nearest
>number, for hull boxes.
>In FB2, a ship must have "a minimum of 10% of the total ship mass"
>instead. This indicates that all fractions of 10% rounds up - eg, a
>TMF11 ship would need at least 2 hull boxes since 1 is less than 10% of
>Personally I don't have a problem with designs rounding these 10% down
>rather than up, but I clean forgot to take this up with Jon during the
>FB2 playtesting. Jon, any comments?

A valid point; I think we go with the standard rounding rule, ie: 0.49
below round down, 0.5 and above round up, but with the proviso that no
may have less than 1 hull box (!).
So any ship of MASS 14 or below MAY have just 1 hull box if you wish,
MASS15 must have two or more.

Jon (GZG)
>Oerjan Ohlson
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