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GZG-ECC III Pics for Grey Day

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@c...>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 23:39:11 -0400
Subject: GZG-ECC III Pics for Grey Day

To whom it may concern (Jerry?):

S3_GreyDay01.jpg  : The KV attack force in orbit
Kr'rt, Los, Nick Caldwell, and I think the blur is Jerry kibitzing. 


Valiant human defenders. Plus a player showing some leg... 


More of the human forces. Armed for bear, they got Kra'Vak instead. 


The KV Leader Tom Pope plots routes of advance with Kr'rt and Nick. 


Tom Pope, Don, Kr'rt and Nick survey the field across which they must
advance. They can smell the humans, but they can't see them.... (and Los
helps to blur the foreground...)


The human team plots its defence. Oberst Wittman (Rick Rutherford) lets
subordinates take the limelight while he seems to be scarfing a donut or
muffin. Ted Arlauskus in his dashing headgear surveys the approaches to
final redoubt. The blurry fellow is David Raynes. And I think I detect a
Kochte well and truly obscured by my goateed bulk. 


Final pre-game briefings given to the human team - Ted, David, Mark and
by Los and myself. 
That's a big board. I think we figured 112 square feet of gaming
And no, it wasn't landscape purchased from the Carter Island Real Estate


The KV advance and spot some humans in a bunker on a hill to the right.
illustrates something to Ted while KR shows myself, David and Ted his
wonderful periscope for checking line of sight. 


KV Size 5 tanks with dual class 5 railguns smash their way (supported by
assault claws and some heavy weapons teams) into athe human positions on
human left flank. Note the fleeing humans on the ground near the bottom
the picture. Note the dead and wounded on top of the hill. Note
all the black skulls at the right about half way up in the forest - that
the location of first contact between David's NSL Luftelandesturm and
KV. KV 7, LLS 0. I'm sure Kr'rt is the leaning figure, and I think Don
one of the others. But I won't try to guess - I didn't spend much time
studying anyone's crotch so my ability to identify from these partial
is low.


The human counterattack on the left of the picture counters a KV thrust
the river (see the KV on the hill?). A human walker is history. Note the
downed Predator Caste KV amidst a pile of NSL bodies near the centre
of the picture. Ted held this flank determinedly, but the KV didn't
most of their force on this flank...


Ted moves his forces back after having counterattacked successfully.
Note on
the right lower part of the picture, more KV from the mountain clan
heads, purple and blue kit)  moving up towards the sight of the first
KV-Human rumble (where David lost a squad to an ambush). Note also that
strange beer-bottle shaped obelisks have appeared on the battlefield. 


The KV have a human two man Plasma Gun team in a bad spot. They stand
the wreckage of one of their three aersospace fighters (all three of
they managed to plant thanks to aggressive human air defence and alien
strategy in overflight planning...). Note the ortillery crater too. And
KV GMS teams covering their big-ass tank. 


The fighting is intense. We have far left, mid height, in the woods - KV
assault squad taking out David's NSL command platoon (the last squad
rushes in and shoots the Officer so he can't be captured... or so the
inquiry would have found...). The platoon from the 5ieme Regiment
Aerospaciale de La Legion Etrange Colonial de La Etats Federal Europa
Legion orbital assault troops) move forward into the woods to engage the
A smoking NSL APC lies just in front of the hill, and two NSL heavy
support walkers lurk submerged (discovered by the KV pilot whose
fighter you see in the lake - #3 - as #2 aerospace fighter is the grey
wreckage on the hill in the middle of the picture. The FSE APCs and the
German TD with its HKP/4 wait for the inevitable KV onslaught to arrive.
TD has already taken out one of the Big Ass KV Tanks. The other was
out by the Human tanks DFFG/4, but it is now a smoking wreck in the
foreground.  Off on the human right flank, remnants of Ted's NSL platoon
clash with the KV up close and personal in the area where ortillery
down recently. Note also near the right top corner of the pic, a lone
Human task force 2ic, Major Andrea D'Aubagne, EFE 5ieme REA. She is the
target of Wi'Sel (KV Sniper) amazing last turn attack - from the river
6" away....


A view from the other end. You can clearly see the waves of Nac'Sol
green) KV sweeping up through the forest and across the hill at the
left of the pic. You can also see in the forest at the bottom a tipped
over/dead human walker. Mr. Kochte found that backing into KV assault
with limpet mines in a forest is a BAD idea. (Out of the frying pan into
woodstove eh Mark?). The KV heavy tanks (and their light tank) were
smoked -
one by a shot from the GMS in the top right of the board on the hill -
fired from out of LoS, guided on target by a human on the cliffs at the
right of the board who had LoS - sneaky! The KV still have Sentinel
in the woods which would be a tough match for the Human Gears. And lots
GMS up on the cliffs along the rightmost board edge. The bulging abdomen
the picture is mine (recognize the shirt). 

So that's the pics in a nutshell. I'll have to get Jerry some of the
picks of Grey Day since he's the official archivist. :) 

Here's an interesting idea: Sometime down the line, cut a CD with
pictures, and AARs from GZG ECCs past... <Just a thought... I have
plenty of

Thomas Barclay
Software Specialist 
Defence Systems
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