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Re: [HH] Bishop Takes Rook - Call for players

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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 01:51:51 PST
Subject: Re: [HH] Bishop Takes Rook - Call for players

Hmm... I'm game.

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>Subject: [HH] Bishop Takes Rook - Call for players
>Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 17:10:37 +1000
>This is a call for players for another Honor Harrington webgame.
>Because I'm a glutton for punishment, this scenario involves whole ship
>squadrons (2 squadrons, anyway).  To run properly, I'm after 7 players,
>can adapt.
>It will be run using Vector movement with my ruleset found at:
>Also, all ship salvo's are combined (to ease bookkeeping and vector
>for players).
>Further details once I have players.
>Comments from the last game can be found at:
>(I haven't shifted the data to the new site as yet.)
>The scenario is taken from Jerry Han's website,
>but preknowledge of the scenario will not be of much assistance, as I
>changed several things (including forces) to supply fog of war &
>forces using my rules.
>Honor Harrington Scenario  - Bishops Take Rook
>General Overview
>White Haven's final offensive against the Haven base around Tervor's
>kicked off two weeks ago. The withdrawl of Admiral McQueen from the
>command staff at Trevor's Star has thrown the Haven staff in disarray,
>McQueen has proven to be one of the few Haven Admiral able to match one
>Manticore's best.
>Because of this, and because of White Haven's local forces superiority,
>was only a matter of time before the system fell, giving the RMN
control of
>the only terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction in hostile hands.
>During the one Haven attempt to reinforce the system, a Triumphant
>battleship suffered an engineering casualty and fell out of formation
>approximately 2.5 million klicks from the hyper limit. White Haven has
>detached the Twelfth Battlecruiser squadron, to either capture or
>the disabled battleship
>Neath Southern Skies -
>[mkw] Admiral Peter Rollins; Task Force Zulu
>[pirates] Prince Rupert Raspberry; Base Commander

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