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SG2 vs DS2 vs FT

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 21:30:51 -0500
Subject: SG2 vs DS2 vs FT


AFAIK, SG2 is pretty "generic". Nothing in the rules (except the "if you
want to use em" TO&E starters at the back) ties you to NAC, ESU, or
else. All the rules are thoroughly generic. Me and Mr. Goodall have
discussed Traveller done SG2 before, and I think you could easily do
or many other backgrounds VERY easily without doing much to the basic
(just modifying kit a bit to match the millieu). 

FT - strange you should suggest FT as tied to the Tuffleyverse. If you
the aliens, then yeah maybe. But the design rules certainly aren't. And
what I've seen on the list MOST folk use non-standard designs. Those who
stick to FB or basic FT designs are in the minority. The rules include
beams, pulse torpedos, etc. etc. but any of these systems could be
on a newly designed ship. Some of the KV stuff from the old world (pre
would have tied you to a very Tuffleyverse design, but nothing on the
sides would tie you thusly. 

I think the only reason DS2 seems more generic is because very little
been done (officially) to provide large force tables and army lists
most mircoarmour games...). SG2 at least included a fair cross section
(though still far from complete) of units at the back of the book, as
did FT
(esp FB). 

Now, many of us like the 'canon' history, which is why you'll see it
discussed a lot. Sure it has holes (like North America and Canada would
gladly revert to being servants of the English Crown...NOT...), but it
quite interesting, rich with opportunities, and a lot of fun. 


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