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Re: [ds2] DS2 Flavor

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 10:41:18 PST
Subject: Re: [ds2] DS2 Flavor

It was me, Brian Bilderback.

And no, DSII is not an elegant game, nor is it as gritty as I imagine
must be. but it does have it's niche, and some of us actually enjoy
in that niche. I was introduced to wargaming via Squad Leader, a game I 
loved until I moved away and lost my gaming mentor as a teenager.  DSII 
seems to stir in me the same feelings that SL did. I enjoyed battletech
a while, but it was just too complicated to allow for the scale of play
wanted. And O.G.R.E. was a little TOO simple and big-scale for me. DSII
nicely in the middle.

As for telling a vehicle's nationality by it's design, that would
some familiarity with te nationality.  And perhaps adding subtle nuances
each nation's weapons is a bit overdoing it, I was just curious.

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Subject: [ds2] DS2 Flavor
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 21:51:06 -0500

Brian B (don't know which one) said:
 >It seems that those of us for whom DS II is our favorite GZG
game are in the
 >decided minority.

DS2 is not as elegant as FT.  Which is reasonable, because it
has to cover more elements (boats, tanks, infantry, aerospace,
artillery) than FT (ships, fighters), but it does make it harder
to learn.

For those of us who are simple-minded...uh...for those of us who
want a little less detailed game, I suggest Ogre--but consider
the units to be companies, not individual tanks or squads.
Scale would be something like 1 hex  = 500 meters.  You can
fight out a regimental attack pretty quickly.  I've modified
Ogre a bit and added a dash of DS2 to it, and I'll write it up
Real Soon Now....

 >This is both a boon and a bane.  On the positive side, it means
you can use
 >the rules for just about any setting you want. On the negative
side, it
 >really does make the game slightly blander than the others. In
 >3 is an HEL 3 is an HEL 3.... has anyone come up with  house
rules to
 >represent slight minor differences in weapons performances
between similar
 >weapons of different nationalities, say for instance, Power X's
MDC's do not
 >have the same range as Power Y's, but their higher ROF makes
them deadlier
 >vs. infantry (Reduce their range bands by an inch or so, but
draw 3 chits vs
 >infantry), or other similar nuances?

You mean all the different weapon types and sizes aren't enough
for you?  Good heavens, man, think!  You could tell a FSE ship
from a NSL vessel by a glance at the ship record sheet, right?

Alarishi panzers are all fusion powered and either grav or
walker mobility; they normally mount DFFG's, since the horizon
is usually less than 20" away (that's for a 3900km world, IIRC,
and our systems only have a couple of inhabited planets that
large), andDFFG's are best at close range.

Islamic Fed tanks might usually be turbine powered, hovercraft,
with MDC's.

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