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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 00:45:55 EST
Subject: Re: 6mm Star Wars

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<< A model company (who's name I forget) produced a couple of kits-
Battle of 
 Hoth, and a Rebel Base kit. Both of those kits were roughly 1/300 and
 about 40+ troops each (imperial and rebel). The Battle kit also had 3 
 snowspeeders (a bit too small compared to the infantry), 4 or so gun
 (about right), 2 functional AT-ATs (they look pretty nice and are about

 right in scale), 1 AT-ST (a bit small, but still okay) and a X-Wing
with its 
 wings 'folded'. The other kit had a mixture of fighters (X and Y
wings), a 
 Rebel transport and the Falcon (about 300 scale).
 Both kits went for about $10 or so, and are pretty rough to find right
 Good luck >>

I have several of these - the X Wings went to aeromechs for Battle Tech,
Y wings got chopped up to make "Clipper" ships for Traveller: the New
the infantry get used in just about every 6mm game I play, the "props"
control panels, and a vacu-formed terrain piece - Rebel Base also has a 
Blockade runner starship which I have used as a small dropship in
and Dirtside. You get better chicken walkers from Galoob sets and they
"A" wing fighters and several Star Wars style ships that have chooped up
made a fair selection of Full Thrust ships and for Traveller:TNE as

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