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Re: 6mm Star Wars

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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 23:58:55 EST
Subject: Re: 6mm Star Wars

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<< Somebody had a 
listing for Stormtroopers and Rebel Soldiers in 6mm.>>

A while back I posted Imperial and Rebel army lists for Hordes of the
at The Stronghold ( 
strong. htm), but since then I've built full forces for DSII.  I used
from a variety of sources, chosen to get everything to roughly the same 
scale.	I started with the two types of Battletech infantry (can't
which is which now, but they are amazingly good matches to Imperial and
army uniforms, especially the helmets).  ATATs are from the Galoob X-ray

series, ATSTs are Galoob Micromachines, and Stormtroopers are from the
Ogre PanEuropean infantry.  Irregular makes not-Stormtroopers but they
way too small to fit with the other infantry.  Snowspeeders and laser
are from the Battle on Ice Planet Hoth kit, Jawas and Rebel infantry on 
tauntauns from Irregular.  Fighter and bomber support came from Galoob
chines.  Never did find a good match for speeder bikes, so I used the 
Irregular jet bikes.  I also used the Irregular not-Darth, shimmed up so
didn't look quite so much like Rick Moranis in Space Balls.  Irregular
makes some Rebel pilots, which serve as Luke and Han, a decent
figure, and some bounty hunters.  I had lots of fun with the HOTT games,
haven't actually been able to play a DSII game with the stuff yet.
Jed Docherty

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