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Re: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

From: Henrix <henrix@p...>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 22:28:30 +0100
Subject: Re: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

An attempt to clear up some confusion regarding SG and DS.

Bell, Brian K wrote:
>Class-2 weapons? Are you referring to a class-2 as defined in SG?

The weapon and vehicle size classes are the same in DS and SG.

Size 1 weapons can be man-portable in SG (PA or otherwise), the troops
move a
little slower, and it takes a little time (1/2 activation) to set up or

Some weapons carried by PAs, like the NAC HVAT Railgun and the ESU VK20
Assault cannon (RFAC/1, sic!), are very similar to size 1 weapons, but
their range.
A "true" size 1 weapon has a range band of 12" x the size of the target,
these PA-carried  weapons would have a range band of (usually) 10" or
(A "range band" is, in SG, the increment by which shooting gets more
difficult, i.e. up to one range band - close, and so on, up to the fifth
band, which is the longest range for effective fire on targets in the
Thus, the maximum effective range for an elite PA trooper firing a HVAT
Railgun any target would be (5x12"=) 60 SG inches, which translates to
6" in
DS. Not _quite_ the same as a MDC/1!
(A MDC/1 in SG, firing at a size 3 target, would have a maximum
range of (5x12"x3=) 180", or 18" in DS.)

I would probably classify these weapons as APSWs, but counting them as
for damaging vehicles, possibly counting damage as if the target has no
reactive armour or APFCs, and maybe increase the range to, say, 6" for

By the way, in SG you have a GMS/P, which is even smaller than the
GMS/L. The GMS/L is treated just like any other size 1 weapon.

Brian Bilderback wrote:
>I can't look in Stargrunt, I don't own it, I only own DS II

Oh, I think everybody should have a copy of SG, if not else for the
rules mechanisms :-)

who has, sadly, only played DS three times...

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