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From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 11:13:57 PST
Subject: Re: RE: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

Yes, this does make PA troops more powerful. But you missed a couple of 

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From: Jeremey Claridge <>
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Subject: Re: RE: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:08:48 +0000 ()

Infantry Walker Armour 1 Move 10 (I think? don't have rules with me) and
GMS/H  Requiring 2
damage points to kill and special chits being valid

BB:  Chits which to draw, you have to first HIT the vehicle. Now, being
class 1 vehicle, it's base signature is already the smallest effective 
signature possible in the game (talk about cheap stealth!). This means
target die is D12, so to have even odds of hitting it, you have to get 
inside your CLOSE range, AND you have to have a Superior targeting
in addition, according to the rules, APSW fire and infantry rifle fire
ineffective against it.  Infantry has to use a GMS or IAVR.

compared to:
Powered Armour Infantry Move 6 and GMS/H Requiring 5 points to kill,
chits not valid, most
weapon attacks only at medium range, chits drawn restricted regardless
weapon size.

BB:  5 points which are drawn against you automatically, no chance of
missed. In addition, these chits may be drawn by enemy infantry firing 
APSW's, their rifles, even their small arms in close combat have a
however small, of taking you out.

Apart from being able to carry class 2 weapons which will only be of use

against lightly armoured
targets (or if fishing for a lucky hit against bigger targets), and 4
extra movement
the infantry walker doesn't seem worth it anymore.

BB: They still have thier place, supporting infantry, which was their 
purpose all along. don't forget that along with a class 2 weapon, they
a free APSW like any other vehicle.  In addition, if that class-2 weapon
a DFFG, at close ranges this will be a nasty little beast to tangle
especially in close areas like urban environments.

I have no objections regarding class 1 RFAC's or MDC's. But the GMS/H is
class 2 weapon
so maybe class 1 should be the restriction that way there is still a
to class 1 vehicles
especially the Infantry Walker.

BB: If the GMS/H is too big as a class 2 weapon for PA to carry, how can

REGULAR infantry carry a class 1 GMS/L? I was under the assumption that
were more compact than other weapons of the same class.  With their 
restrictions and damage bonuses, GMS' seem to fall outside the scope of
regular definition of size class.

Brian B

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