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RE: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 10:50:59 -0500
Subject: RE: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

The long and short answer is do what you want.

The HVAT (High Velocity Anti-Tank?) weapon would easily
fit either the RFAC-1 or MDC-1. The RFAC team would be
less expensive (in points). This is justified in a number
of ways: 1) The technology is cheaper and easier to 
maintain. 2) The ammunition is inexpensive and more
can be carried than in a MDC squad (see MDC comments).
3) The squad could be made smaller (reducing the ammo
available), thus reducing the manpower/training cost.
The MDC would be more expensive because: 1) The 
technology is more expensive to produce and maintain.
2) The powerplant (HMT) is heavy and expensive (in 
contrast to the chemical shells of RFAC) to maintain.
3) Squad size would have to be increased inorder to 
transport the weapon, the powerplant, extra fuel and
ammo for the weapon. This increases both manpower and
training costs.

The PPG unit would be classified as an Anti-Armor Team. 
I would suggest making it a DFFG-1. This squad would 
also need to be somewhat expensive. The weapon is at
the penacle of ground weapons technology. I would 
think that the troops firing the weapon would need to
be in NBC suits to protect against the radiation of 
the weapon itself.

Remember specialty teams do not have a normal ranged 
attack (p. 13) but must use thier special weapon
for the ranged attacks.

Brian Bell	   

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> From: John Kinder []
> Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2000 5:12 PM
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> Subject:	Dirtside powered armor
>	Greetings all,
>	I recently bought a pack of NAC powered armor troops from the
> Dirtside
> Mini's line and have a few questions before I paint them. I don't have
> any of the corresponding 25 mm figures to compare them to. There are
> four stands for four troops each and four stands for two troops each.
> There are four figures in this pack with what I would guess are the
> rail guns, four with an SAW or PPG(I), and sixteen with antipersonnel
> weapons. Do people mount the weapons troops on the two figure stands?
> Dirtside, should the HVAT railgun be classified as a portable MDC-1 or
> as an RFAC-1 or as an APSW? Should the PPG(I) be considered as a
> separate weapon or should it be included in the increase in firepower
> powered armor stand has over a regular infantry team in Dirtside?
> in advance.
> John Kinder

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