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RE: [FT] KV, Vector and Tweaks

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 07:26:27 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] KV, Vector and Tweaks

In my original formula, I had maneuver cost 2x that of Thrust.

However, I found that this led to VERY unmaneuverable ships.
All of the stock ships with a MD of 2 would take 6 turns to
be IN POSSITION to reverse thier course. This was a little too

However, to make it more in line with cinematic, it could read:

1) Engines are divided into 2 ratings: Rotation (R) and Main Drive (MD)
2) The speed and agility of the ship are determined by these factors.
    Rotation provides the ability to change the facing of a ship
	Cinematic: 1 point of R = 1 clock face change
	Vector: 1 point of R = up to 2 clock face changes in facing
    Main drive provides the ability to change the velocity of the ship
	1 point of MD = 1 point of thrust applied
3) The mass of the engine is determined by the ratings of the engine.
    Engine Mass = (MD * 0.25) + (R * 0.5) [round up]
4) Cost of the engine would be 2 * Engine Mass
5) Damage from a threshold check would inflitct a reduction to 
    1/2 of EACH rating [round down]. A second damage from a
    threshold check woud knock out the engine completely.
6) All stock ships from the fleet book would have a MD rating equal
    to the listed rating and an R rating = 1/2 the MD rating.

Brian Bell	

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> At 08:10 PM 3/19/00 -0500, Brian wrote:
> >If we are going to play with the vector rules, I would suggest
> >that:

> I like (and have used, really) a lot of the above suggestions, but
> you need to point the FB1 ships so that they have *half* the maneuver
> rating of their main drive?
> Point #3 is from the original vector rules Jon used (pre-FB1 release),
> I still prefer it to the "always turn 180" -- though that is at least
> part because I use Space Fleet "we steer like a cow!" starships.
> Besides, this way your maneuver rating will be trimmed along with the
> thrust should you fail a threshold check... now, is that because of
> engines, or because something in the hull structure went "boiing!" and
> don't want to stress it before the DCPs get over there...?
>					Aaron Teske

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