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Re: Combat films- more for the list

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 21:44:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Combat films- more for the list

I can not allow all these great old movies to pass by without mentioning
"Objective Burma", w/ Erroll Flynn, arguably my favorite of WW2 movies,
and the
one movie around that captures a true special operation in all it's ups
downs. Enough so that I make all the prospective candidates that we send
to selection every year watch it during our own pre-selection. And they
have to
watch it too, since it's part of the whole sleep deprivation


Robin Paul wrote:

> Another three goodies-
> "A walk in the sun"- follows a US Army infantry company in Sicily-
> resolutely unheroic and pointing out the
> "They were not divided"- a British tank squadron followed from basic
> training  to combat in NW Europe (in Shermans)- thoroughly convincing.
> "Attack!"- Jack Palance as a worn-out US infantry officer in NW
> Eddie Albert as a political appointee company commander, Lee Marvin as
> cynical Colonel with post-war politics uppermost in his mind.  Lack of
> official cooperation means there's some fairly odd hardware (a
> German Tank cobbled together out of a prehistoric Marmon Herrington
> tank prototype) but dramatically it's very effective.
> There's also an excellent Sam Fuller movie about a US company fighting
> delaying action in deep snow in Korea- the title escapes me for the
> Talking of Private Ryan- does anyone know if those fake Tigers are the
> individual machines as the Kelly's Heroes Tigers?
> Rob Paul

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