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RE: [SG] Withdrawl from close combat

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 11:51:12 +1000
Subject: RE: [SG] Withdrawl from close combat


Our take on this is that you do one Overun/Follow through and only one
withdrawal in any game turn!? yeah, for the Defender the down side is
if you voluntarilly withdraw and the Follow Through passes and a
Comabat Roll is thrown you get caught. Too bad, you should have stayed

Otherwise you end up with a charicature movement of potentially
the full lenth of the board or even many boards if you have a long

OK, so is this one going to go into a Yes You Can/No You Can't

Ducking In Anticipation...


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> Subject: RE: [SG] Withdrawl from close combat
> As long as you make a confidence check every time you 
> voluntarily withdraw
> (unscrupulous players will argue they don't need to if they 
> voluntarily
> withdraw), there is no reason you can't keep withdrawing.
> Eventually either the bugs or you are going to fail a test for the
> chase/pursuit & then somebody will die.
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> > 
> > Anyways, we're were using the overrun and pursue close 
> combat rules. Now
> > given the fact I was trying to survive long enough to get 
> airlifted out,
> > any chance I got (i.e. when there was a sensible escape 
> route, so not when
> > I was backed against a wall etc) I would voluntarily 
> withdraw from combat.
> > Bugs would pursue, I'd withdraw, bugs would pursue again, 
> I'd withdraw etc
> > etc. Now were we doing this right or is there actually some 
> limit to the
> > number of times you can voluntarily withdraw? Nik felt he 
> was pushing it
> > up
> > hill if I could just run away all night until his combat 
> move fell short
> > of
> > the 6" needed to catch me, so maybe you can only 
> volunatrily withdraw once
> > in a linked series of close combats (so under the case in 
> point if I'd
> > failed confidence tests I could have kept running away, but 
> would only get
> > to run away voluntarily once)??? Other point that came up 
> is whether or
> > not
> > being in close combat uses up the defender's activation for 
> that turn too
> > (I had a avgue feeling that I';d read that it had, and it 
> made sense so
> > that's what we went with)?

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